The Ivy League of Apprenticeships


WhiteHat delivers apprenticeships built around customisable, user-friendly online learning. Our content is focussed on skills that employers need and is delivered by the very best coaches.




Our content is mapped by a curriculum team so our apprenticeships include content from a range of the worlds best training organisations and universities.



We ensure our apprentices only start qualifications they actually want to finish, matching them with their perfect employer through a series of data points.




An apprenticeship should be just the first step to building a career - we want both our employers and our apprentices to have the most positive experience possible.


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People at McDonald’s get trained for their positions, but people with far more complicated jobs don’t. It makes no sense. Would you want to stand on the line of the untrained person at McDonald’s? A lot of companies think their employees are so smart that they require no training. That’s silly…
— Ben Horowitz

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